AIM Health Website

AIM Health began with a templated site but needed more than the template could provide. Things like online scheduling, access to the patient portal, and better SEO. BMG created a new website designed to demonstrate the friendliness and ease of the clinic.  The focus was on patients and their experience by showcasing images of the physicians hugging their patients and testimonials front and center.

Suzanne has her finger on the pulse of what’s working in marketing, what’s popular, what’s eye catching right now. I think she has a good sense of what’s new and fresh. Her expertise and the people she works with, the designers, they have a youthful vibe that makes AIM Health look more current and up to date.

AIM Health is located in Portland, and I thought it would be challenging working with someone based in Bend, but Suzanne was very accommodating. Working with Suzanne was a refreshing, fun experience. She’s really approachable and she knows what she’s doing.”

— Amy Gillcrist, medical director, AIM Health