“Thank you so very much Suzanne. The changes you’ve made in our business are extraordinary. We’ve seen a huge shift from before we started to where we currently stand – standing even stronger than we ever have. You are truly one of a kind and you know how to work your magic! Shine bright!”
— Khou Thao Graffeo, Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic

I just love working with Suzanne – she’s always high energy and she knows what she’s doing. She’s easy to get ahold of and she kept me updated on how everything was going so I always knew the status of the project. Plus, her subcontractors did really good work – everything was beautiful. I would definitely recommend Bell Marketing.”

— Lauren Cover, healthcare consultant/business advisor, Aldrich Advisors

Suzanne has her finger on the pulse of what’s working in marketing, what’s popular, what’s eye catching right now. I think she has a good sense of what’s new and fresh. Her expertise and the people she works with, the designers, they have a youthful vibe that makes AIM Health look more current and up to date.

AIM Health is located in Portland, and I thought it would be challenging working with someone based in Bend, but Suzanne was very accommodating. Working with Suzanne was a refreshing, fun experience. She’s really approachable and she knows what she’s doing.”

— Amy Gillcrist, medical director, AIM Health

I found Suzanne to be accessible, approachable and knowledgeable. I really appreciated the fact that she was flexible in presenting information in terms that were understood by all stakeholders. In the digital world, the amount of information can be daunting, but she was very clear in her presentations.

I would recommend Bell Marketing to other businesses because Suzanne brings a lot of experience to the table. She does a great job.”

— Nicole Roselio, director of marketing, Obie Hospitality

“I was the strategic planning manager for a team at a global fortune 100 company when I started working with Bell Marketing Group. My team had a relatively new role in the company. It was an up-and-coming function that was not well understood. We knew as a group that we needed to re-establish our presence within the company’s intranet.

Bell Marketing came in and developed the scope for us. They helped us define what we wanted to accomplish and how we wanted to accomplish it. Bell Marketing guided us through the process, and helped with the design work and coding. The new site defined our role within the company and how the rest of the company can engage with us.

I’ve recommended Bell Marketing to other companies because Suzanne is responsive and patient, and her team brings a lot of experience.  I’m not a technical person – I’ve never built a website before. Bell Marketing shepherded me and the rest of my project team through that process. I think Bell Marketing is capable of working with teams that are extremely well versed in website functionality and marketing in general, and they can also scale back and work with people who are not experts in those fields.”

— Brian Pedroza, Former Strategic Planning Manager, Global Sports Retail Corporation