More than a decade in business and we’re still helping companies tell their story.

We’re proud that some of the most respected brands in the nation rely on us for innovative digital and traditional work. We are creative and nimble with extensive business, high tech, consumer, healthcare and non-profit experience. Lean on us as a full-service agency or simply for a project or two.

BMG is led by Suzanne Bell and supported by a network of professionals hand-picked for each client’s needs. Suzanne has more than 20 years of experience and is versed in digital marketing and consumer branding, having managed consumer and business-to-business strategy for Nike and other prominent northwest brands like Miller Paint, Legacy Health, The Oregon Clinic, and WebMD. She also has a passion for teaching and has been tapped to teach courses at area colleges and universities.  She’s taught at the University of Oregon and at Central Oregon Community College.