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We believe marketing must flex and shift to continually be relevant. The story told begins a relationship that guides through a shifting sales journey that ultimately leads to a target audience–a person–who shapes perception and affects sales. That’s why we begin every story by balancing what a company wants to share with what really matters to that user. From the bird’s eye view of marketing strategy and financial goals to jumping in the trenches of day-to-day execution, social posts and events.


We are trained storytellers and seasoned journalists who have honed our skills with some of the best marketers in the industry. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that no matter the medium, great storytelling translates across all industries. Whether it’s explaining a new technology or setting a brand tone that inspires the next generation of runners, creating a connection matters. In today’s digital world, we believe in authentic, compelling stories that become the basis for video, social, advertisements and all communication.

About Us

More than a decade in business and we’re still helping companies tell their story. We’re proud that some of the most respected brands in the nation have relied on us for innovative work.  

Lean on us as a full-service marketing agency or for a project or two. Located in Bend, Oregon, we’re a virtual team of specialists headed up by founder, Suzanne Bell. We create a customized approach based on your digital marketing, copywriting, or branding needs. Our services include creative copywriting, marketing strategy and execution, advertising, digital marketing and social media, creative content, and visual storytelling through design, video and digital tools.

Some say…

“Suzanne has her finger on the pulse of what’s working in marketing, what’s popular, what’s eye catching right now. Working with Suzanne was a refreshing, fun experience. She’s really approachable and she knows what she’s doing.”

— Amy Gillcrist, medical director, AIM Health

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