AIM Health Brand

Sometimes healthcare can seem, well, uncaring. AIM Health, a new start-up, wanted to create a brand that did just the opposite. With a membership, or concierge, model, the clinic could cater to patients with longer appointment times and additional time to thoroughly research care options. This healthcare model would provide 24/7 access to physicians – yes, texts at 2 a.m., calls answered by a person not a machine, and messages heard and taken care of by the patient’s doctor, not a nurse or a medical assistant, but the patient’s physician.

BMG was asked to develop a brand that not only was different, but inspired patients to think of healthcare differently. We drafted brand messaging, manifesto and tagline copy. We also created the corporate ID and signage for the new building.

AIM Health Manifesto:

Better healthcare is possible.

You are more than a number. You deserve a relationship with your doctor that leads to meaningful and proactive healthcare. You deserve compassion and a physician who spends time with you. No rushed, fifteen minutes of distracted care shoved in-between hundreds of other patients. Rather, a collaborative partnership in which personal, ongoing communication is done however you prefer; over email, text, phone or in-person. This is how healthcare should be.

Aim for better.  Try AIM Health.