Voyager Sopris Learning needed a fresh, new marketing campaign, for LANGUAGE! Live, a comprehensive digital literacy program.  The company’s past work was very technology focused and lacked emotional appeal. Voyager Sopris asked BMG to find a way to connect emotionally with the teachers and students who use the product every day. 

BMG presented I AM MORE, a branding strategy that both described the students who use the product as well as the product’s ability to do more for a school than competitive solutions.  It was created as an emotional appeal to see these struggling students and the dedicated teachers who serve them for more than their limitation but for the potential hidden within. The campaign included brand positioning, brand message development, product copywriting,  full-page ad design for national trade publications, banner ads, website design and art direction, digital content planning, marketing promotional strategy/planning, and video script writing.


The I AM MORE campaign was so successful that Voyager Sopris Learning began elevating the campaign to a branding direction for the whole company.


Miller Paint

Miller Paint Company is a Portland-based company that has been around for more than 100 years.  Customers have recognized the signature “white label” and windmill of Miller Paint cans for generations. The label had become a nostalgic icon in Portland, marking an emotional connection for customers that signified Miller Paint as the local, honest paint expert.  The company wanted to update its brand, packaging, and modernize its retail support materials without losing the brand equity and emotional tie to the current brand. 

Miller’s formative “arched” name was the most familiar element of their brand, so, the new design incorporated the “classic” arch while updating the typeface and colors to a more modern look.  In addition, a new color strategy was introduced that color coded categories of paint so customers could easily identify interior or exterior paint products in the store. The color was then reflected in all supporting collateral and signage, i.e., the interior paint brochure was blue and the exterior paint brochure was red.     

The Oregon Clinic

BMG worked with The Oregon Clinic for a few years and during that time the clinic moved to its new offices off interstate 205.  BMG worked with The Oregon Clinic to rebrand, creating a new logo, brochures, and new window displays.  In addition, BMG helped promote the grand opening of the new offices with direct mail, PR and advertising.


AIM Health Brand

Sometimes healthcare can seem, well, uncaring. AIM Health, a new start-up, wanted to create a brand that did just the opposite. With a membership, or concierge, model, the clinic could cater to patients with longer appointment times and additional time to thoroughly research care options. This healthcare model would provide 24/7 access to physicians – yes, texts at 2 a.m., calls answered by a person not a machine, and messages heard and taken care of by the patient’s doctor, not a nurse or a medical assistant, but the patient’s physician.

BMG was asked to develop a brand that not only was different, but inspired patients to think of healthcare differently. We drafted brand messaging, manifesto and tagline copy. We also created the corporate ID and signage for the new building.

AIM Health Manifesto:

Better healthcare is possible.

You are more than a number. You deserve a relationship with your doctor that leads to meaningful and proactive healthcare. You deserve compassion and a physician who spends time with you. No rushed, fifteen minutes of distracted care shoved in-between hundreds of other patients. Rather, a collaborative partnership in which personal, ongoing communication is done however you prefer; over email, text, phone or in-person. This is how healthcare should be.

Aim for better.  Try AIM Health.




WENT Audiology Print Ads

Willamette Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery (WENT) wanted to promote its audiology and hearing aid practice. Conventionally, audiology clinics market strictly to older clientele. After doing research on when interest in hearing aids begins (30 to 40 years of age) and who makes healthcare decisions in the household (young to middle-aged female household “caretakers”), BMG suggested creating an ad campaign directed at a younger audience. The campaign featured full, glossy ads of real patients who didn’t fit the hearing aid stereotype. Hearing aid sales increased significantly despite an economic recession.